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Here at South Florida Pulley Headquarters we have been Manufacturing Interchangeable, Modular, Quick Change, Supercharger Pulley Systems since 1997 and have Thousands of Satisfied Customers All Over The World!

South Florida Pulley HQ Is The Very "FIRST" and "ONLY" Supercharger Pulley Company to "Invent & Innovate" The World's FIRST Interchangeable/Modular/Quick Change Supercharger Pulley System Design 24 years ago, called the "Dial_Ur_Boost" aka DUB for all Eaton Model 90 & 112 Supercharger Units, installed on all 1997-2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP/ 1997-2004 Buick Regal GS, 1997-2003 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI, 1999-2004 Ford Lightning/2003-2004 Harley Davidson / 2007 Ford Roush Nitemare, 2004 Joe Gibbs Chevy Supercharged Vehicles here in this Country. Why settle for an "Imitation Copy" of our DUB Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley System when you can own the Original!

Whenever you see any Aftermarket Roots / Twin Screw / TVS Style Supercharger out here in the Market Place with an "Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley System" installed onto each of them, just remember if it weren't for South Florida Pulley HQ that "Invented & Innovated" the World's First Interchangeable / Modular / Quick Change Pulley System, None of these Supercharger Companies would have a Hub Assembly and Pulley Ring Design available to them today! It was our "DUB Hub Assembly and Pulley Ring Design" that made all this possible. This is Solely our Contribution to the Aftermarket Supercharger Market, as we are very proud of our accomplishments to date!

South Florida Pulley Specializes in the Manufacturing of Custom One-Off Supercharger Pulleys. For information on having your Custom Supercharger Pulley made, please email us at our website emailing address on the Menu Tab to the left of the the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

We hope you find shopping in our store even easier and faster, as your Complete Satisfaction is our Primary Goal in being Successful.

We accept the following Credit Cards for all purchases:
Master Card / Visa / American Express / Discover, in addition to our PayPal Online Secure Purchasing! Email us for all Off-Line Individual Credit Card orders.



We Are A Proud Member Of SEMA!!

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