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  Goodyear Gatorback Supercharger Belts  
    South Florida Pulley HQ introduces Goodyear Gatorback Supercharger Belts for the 2003+ Supercharged Cobra Mustangs using our DUB Pulley Units.

This Supercharger Belt will help "Eliminate Slippage" from running smaller supercharger pulleys, and this belt's Tensil Strength has also eliminated any and all stretching problems that are associated with the factory stock supercharger belts.

For detailed information on why Gatorback belts are so much better than a standard stock belt, get the info straight from the Goodyear right here.
APPLICATIONS: 2003-current Mustang Cobra
  Gatorback 4080735 Belt
    for 2.80" SC Pulleys
$59.95 shipped

  Gatorback 4080740 Belt
    for 2.93" SC Pulleys
$59.95 shipped

  Gatorback 4080745 Belt
    for 3.10" & 3.20"
    SC Pulleys
$59.95 shipped

  Gatorback 4080750 Belt
    for 3.40" SC Pulleys
$59.95 shipped

  Gatorback 4080760 Belt
    for 3.50" & 3.65"
    SC Pulleys
$59.95 shipped


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