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  Magna Charger Keyed Supercharger Pulleys  
    Magna Charger Keyed Style 6 Rib Supercharger Pulleys are available in 6061-T6 Aluminum in 2.60", 2.75", 2.85", and 3.00" pulley sizes.

We now offer keyed pulleys for the CTS-V Magna Charger Radix MP112 Jackshaft Supercharger Kits!

Below are the Boost increases over stock 2.90" pulley application:
- 3.00" pulley: expect 1 lb. less boost over stock pulley.
- 2.85" pulley: expect 1 lb. more boost over stock pulley.
- 2.75" pulley: expect 2 lbs. more boost over stock pulley
- 2.60" pulley: expect 3 lbs. more boost over stock pulley

WARNING: The only way to install the 2.75" or the 2.60" Pulley is to have the Snout Housing Machined down for it to fit properly. Some Snout Housing Castings are made differently in sizes and do vary, as to what the smallest pulley you can use without maching. The smallest size we recommend is 2.85", without any machining performed on the snout housing casting area.

*** Above Boost Increases are Fully Dependant Upon proper Tuning and Modifications, to prevent any and all Knock Retard associated with using Smaller Supercharger Pulleys or Pulley Units!

NOTICE: Installation and Removal of the Stock pulley over to our New Pulley will require a Power Steering Puller Tool for use on this pulley application. You DO NOT want to use any Aftermarket Puller Tool, as it will not work properly and will Ruin the stock pulley on removal. This Removal Technique is only for the Magnacharger Keyed Style Supercharger Pulleys applications ONLY!

APPLICATIONS: - 2004-2008 CTS-V with Magna Charger
Radix MP112 Jackshaft Supercharger Kit
  3.00" Alum. Keyed Pulley $119.95 shipped

  2.85" Alum. Keyed Pulley $119.95 shipped

  2.75" Alum. Keyed Pulley $119.95 shipped

  2.60" Alum. Keyed Pulley $119.95 shipped


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