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  SCT_X4 Custom Programmer  
    SFPH offers up to 3 different Custom tunes, which consist of 1 Warm Weather Tune and 1 Cold Weather Tune and 1 Race Tune.

The SCT_X4 Programmer is a very advanced version of the existing XCalibrator flash tool. SCT has added more features to the XCalibrator 3 than any other flash tool on the market. It is the only USB-based tool on the market, which will simplify customer use and save costs from "proprietary" cables that all other currently available flash tools on the market require for updating or reprogramming.

Just as the original XCalibrator, the SCT_X4 Programmer can be programmed to work on any ODB-II equipped Ford vehicle from 1999-2011.

The SCT_X4 Programmer has both end user adjustment and high speed data logging capability. Using the keypad will allow you to make changes to your timing, fueling, fuel injector size, and dozens of other parameters. You can also monitor and data log all critical parameters by both connecting the SCT_X4 Programmer to your PC and using the SCT Live Link software, or by using the built-in LCD display. PC and standalone data logging is supported.

The SCT_X4 Programmer also allows 2 analog inputs when data logging (such as Wideband O2s). Also, because everyone should know what those Check engine lights mean, the SCT_X4 Programmer allows you to read and understand these codes the minute they appear so you can get back to enjoying your favorite vehicle.

When placing your order, please specify:
- Year, Make, Model of vehicle
- A list of your vehicles Mods
- 4 Digit ECU Code found inside your passenger side door hinge (ECU Code consists of 4 Letters and 1 Number).

APPLICATIONS: 1999-2004 Lightning
  Single Programmer
$619.95 shipped

  Dual Programmer
$719.95 shipped

  Triple Programmer
$819.95 shipped


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