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  NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs  
    Iridium is a precious, silver-white metal and one of the densest materials found on earth. The natural properties of Iridium offered NGK the opportunity to create one of the world's finest spark plugs. The result are spark plugs that require less voltage to spark, burns fuel more efficiently, sparks at leaner air/fuel mixtures, and delivers higher horsepower and better gas mileage.

This sparkplug is One Range Colder than Stock application and is recommended for all modified L67 SC 3800 Engines! Our Recommendation for the initial setting is .060", depending on your current modifications!

Warning: Increasing the Sparkplug gap over .060" may cause blow-out of this Sparkplug, as explained to us by the Manufacturer, for being gapped too wide!

Click here to link to NGK's website for more info on the Iridium IX sparkplugs, sparkplug FAQ, Tech Tips, and Install Instructions.
APPLICATIONS: - 1997-2003 Grand Prix GTP
- 2004-current Grand Prix GTP
- 1997-current Regal GS
- 2004 Monte Carlo SS Supercharged
- 2004 Impala SS Supercharged
  NGK Iridium IX
    Spark Plugs
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