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  SFPH-Exclusive 4T65E HD "Bullet Proof" Half Shafts  

    The South Florida Pulley HQ 4T65E HD Half Shafts have been completely rebuilt and strengthened to handle Horsepower upwards of over 500 Horsepower, for either Street or Competition use.

Our SFPH Bullet Proof Half Shafts are currently used on the World's Fastest 1997 GTP FWD-launching Grand Prix with many 60 foots in the 1.5's, with an ET of 9.98@143 mph! Check out the Video here!

SFPH Bullet Proof Half Shafts have not only been completely modified on the Outboard, but also on the Inboard part of these shafts. We also install Larger Balls inside the Inboard Cage to strengthen the durability of these shafts, for longer longevity life and they will not come apart under Extreme Torque Loads!

We also use a longer lasting, yet Softer Thermal Quality Material CV Boot, compared to the hard rubber CV Boots from the Factory, that are always tearing and causing premature failure of the Outer CV Joint, because of the water and dirt that get into the joints and ruin them, once the boots break.

The cost of these Half Shafts are $575.00 including shipping, plus a Refundable Core Charge of $150, providing the Returnable Cores are rebuildable and can meet our specifications to be Beefed up! What this means is simply this, that if the customer ships their "Used Cores" back to us and we have to replace a Bent Driver or Passenger Inner Half Shaft, the customer forfeits the "Total Core Refund", as the Inner GM Replacement Shaft costs us more than the Core Refund.

For all customers whom purchase these SFPH Bullet Proof Half Shafts, from the time you place your order and they are shipped out to you, each customer has exactly 10 days from the day they receive these to install them and immediately ship the Cores back to us for proper credit. For those customers who take over 10 days to ship the cores back to us, you will be charged $50 per day late charges, until the Total Core Deposit is exhausted.

We have the SFPHQ 4T65E HD "Bullet Proof" Half Shafts installed on some of the Fastest GTP's in the country!! How About You!!?? Are you ready to experience some "Real Excitement" in "Traction Performance"

DISCLAIMER: These Bullet Proof Half Shafts are for Competition Use Only and "DO NOT" carry any type of "Warranty" to the perspective buyer. As if we did warrant them, we would charge an additional $500 over Retail per pair to carry such a Warranty!!

UPDATE: We do also offer these for the Bonneville SSEi's on a One-on-One deal, as we will do them ONLY if the customer sends us their Bonneville SSEi cores first, to make and beef up.

APPLICATIONS: - 1997-2003 Grand Prix GTP
- 1997-current Regal GS
- 1996-2003 Bonneville SSEI ***see update above
  PRICE: (includes $150 refundable core charge)  
    "Bullet Proof"
     Half Shafts


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