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About Us

South Florida Pulley Headquarters has been a Member of the SEMA Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council for the past 22 Years SINCE 2000.

The South Florida Pulley Headquarters staff has a combined 40 Plus years experience in the Automotive & Performance Parts Industry, to recommend Dyno Tested & Proven Quality Performance Parts that work, to provide complete satisfaction to our customers over their factory stock engine configuration.

We provide performance parts for our customers that want to be able to accomplish their own individual goals to attain a Low 14 or Low 10 second ET at the track, as well as achieving a Low 13 to 12 second ET on several 97/03 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP's & 97/03 Buick Regal GS' with the Modifications we recommend!

We have "Performance Recipes" for all of our customers, depending on what exactly it is they are expecting in additional Performance from their cars, ranging from just 30 additional horsepower gain, upwards to 170 horsepower more over the factory configuration, on certain - Eaton Equipped Supercharged Engines!

We also Specialize in all 99/04-current Ford Lightning & 03/04 Ford Mustang Cobra & 02/03 Harley Davidson - Performance Packages for our customers, be it for the street or the track. We currently have several mid-to-low 12 second Ford Lightning's and many 10 to 12 second 03/04 Cobra's using our recommended performance parts that we "Sell AND Install" here in South Florida! Check out our Lightning & Cobra section for all the performance parts we carry and highly recommend, for your own individual need.

South Florida Pulley Headquarters was the very 1st Supercharger Pulley Company to "Design & Invent" the "World's First Interchangeable/Modular Supercharger Pulley System", called the DUB aka "Dial_Ur_Boost" for all Eaton Superchargers, installed on both Foreign & Domestic Type Vehicle Applications over 10 years ago. All of our Supercharger Pulley Products are all made here in the USA! In addition we only use the Highest Grade of Billet Aluminum on the market today and that is 6061-T6 , verses 7075-T6 , Once 6061-T6 is anodized it becomes as hard if not harder over 7075-T6 finished pulleys.. 7075-T6 does not like to be anodized, so colors are not the same between the two, nor will it last as long as the Anodization Coating on our 6061-T6 Pulleys. Second it is a cheaper per lb. to the manufacturer using it, but the finish quality will never be as good as our 6061-T6 we use. We have had pulleys out here for over 20 years without any of our Anodized Finish to wear off. The 7075-T6 that some other companies use, is always manufactured in a Raw Finish, or it is a Polished Finish, which requires allot of maintenance. Our customers prefer less maintenance and a longer life with our anodized finished pulleys on their vehicles.

South Florida Pulley HQ "Dial_Ur_Boost Interchangeable/Modular Supercharger Pulley System" has been Featured in these Popular Performance Magazines over the past few years, with several of our Customers & Performance Companies using our DUB Interchangeable/Modular Supercharger System's on their vehicles, including Dyno Testing sessions using our DUB Pulley Products in the build-up of the 4.6 & 5.4 Liter Supercharged Engines. Check these out:

- High Performance Pontiac - "Got Boost" - 3/03

- Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords Magazines # 1 Pulley Choice Using SFPH's- DUB Interchangeable/Modular Pulley System's in 11/04 - 12/04 - 01/05 - 06/05 - 06/06 Issues

- GM High Tech Performance - DUB Pulley System's - 02/04

- Car Tech Magazine - Building 4.6/5.4L Ford Horsepower - # 1 Pulley Choice Using SFPH's- DUB Interchangeable Pulley System's - 01/06

- Hot Rod Magazine - Test & Tune Section - DUB Non-Slip Pulley System's - 10/06

- SEMA NEWS - New Products - DUB 10 Rib Pulley System - Shelby GT 500 - 4/07

- Ford Modular Motor Forced Induction Dyno Comparison - Boost Bash Part 1 February 2004

- Ford Modular Motor Forced Induction Dyno Comparison - Boost Bash Part 2 January 2005

Modified Magazine - ATI Terminator Focus - The Machine Has Risen - April 2009 Edition - South Florida Pulley Headquarters says After 7 years, they still talk about the 2003 Ford Focus that ATI Motorports along with some help from South Florida Pulley HQ, to put this combination together, as a One Off 2003 Cobra Modular Engine & Drivetrain Transplant that made History in 2003! Our Thanks goes out to Mr. Richard George for having South Florida Pulley HQ become apart of this Venture, insofar as South Florida Pulley HQ furnishing our own DUB 2.80" Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley System we actually Invented for all Eaton M112 Supercharger equipped Modular Vehicles! We also furnished ATI Motorsports with an Accufab Custom Single Blade Throttle Body, NGK TR6 Sparkplugs, 170 Degree Thermostat, Cold Air Intake System and the Superchips Tune!

It's Boost Versus Juice For This Tale Of A 2004 Cobra Terminator From the February, 2011 issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Using South Florida Pulley Headquarters Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley Systems!

To View Photo's of the ATI Ford Focus Click Onto Our Facebook Photo Webpage:


Check out the current December 2012 Issue of Muscle Mustang Fast Fords with Richard Holdener using South Florida Pulley Headquarters Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley Products. South Florida Pulley Headquarters still manages to be mentioned in Muscle Mustangs Fast Fords, as 9 years later since our Introduction of Supercharger Pulleys for the 2003/2004 Ford Mustang Cobra, as our Company was the First and Only Supercharger Pulley Company to offer the World's First Interchangeable/Modular/Quick Change Supercharger Pulley Products. Thanks goes out to my friend Richard Holdener for testing our Supercharger Pulley Products and Listing our company in this current December 2012 Edition on Page 86 Article.

We will always strive to satisfy the needs of all of our customers, to give them the Performance Products they need and desire in all Performance areas! Thank you for reading our About Us page, as Customer Satisfaction is very important to us! We welcome all to contact us via Email or send us correspondence directly through the US Mail, for questions about any of the products we offer for your vehicle! If there is something you do not find in our SFPH Products Section, but would like to see, then please email us for that particular part and we can try our very best to get it for you.

South Florida Pulley Headquarters
P.O. Box 4443
Fort Pierce, Fl 34948


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