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  Performance Lower Crank Pulley  

    South Florida Pulley HQ nows offers performance crankshaft pulleys that reduces reciprocating mass by nearly 9lbs., giving you increased horsepower and provides up to 4-6 lbs. gain in boost, depending on the sizes listed below!!

- CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Performance Pulley
- Black Anodized for long lasting surface protection and appearance
- Grade 8 bolts and special rib washers provided
- Expect 4 to 6 lbs. of Boost increase at WOT (depending on the size of pulley)
- OEM Serpentine belt may be used, tensioner will be at limit
- Optional Belt Numbers provided in our Gatorback Belt Section

- Additional tools required for installation include 1/2" drive, 36" long breaker bar, 13 & 14mm wrenches, 1/2" boxed end wrench.

APPLICATIONS: 2002-2004 Harley-Davidson F-150
  4 lb. Lower Crank Pulley $249.95 shipped

  6 lb. Lower Crank Pulley $249.95 shipped


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