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  Dial_Ur_Boost Interchangeable Pulley System  

    South Florida Pulley Headquarters proudly introduces the first innovated 6 Rib Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley combination for all Eaton Model 90 Superchargers on your L67 SC 3800. SFPH Innovated & Invented The Worlds First Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley Systems for all Supercharged 3800 GM Engines!! It is called "Dial_Ur_Boost".

This newly developed Supercharger Pulley combination consists of a High Quality Aircraft Aluminum Anodized SC Pulley and Nitride Coated SC Steel Hub Assembly. This unit is "The Absolute Replacement" for all press-on aftermarket supercharger pulleys and SC snout units! All DUB Units come with Stainless Steel Allen Head Type Bolts!

Once the "Dial_Ur_Boost" unit is installed onto your present SC snout shaft, you can easily from then on, change your SC pulleys in less than 10 minutes, start to finish!

Using the ASP Pulley Puller Tool, which you can buy from us, you will remove your present press-on SC pulley. Once off, then simply press on our New SC Pulley Steel Hub Assembly with the Pulley Puller Tool. Then you will be able to simply slip the New SC Pulley of your choice onto the Hub Assembly and attach the 4 Allen head bolts to secure your New SC Pulley!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You DO NOT want to attempt to remove the Hub Assembly with the DUB Pulleys attached to it, as it will distort the SC Pulley as you attempt to remove it. You MUST use the Dial_Ur_Boost Hub Removal Backing Plate to safely and easily remove the DUB Hub. We sell the Backing Plate separately in our Products section.

NOTICE: It has been brought to our attention, that one or more companies are copying our South Florida Pulley Headquarter's Dial_Ur_Boost - The World's First Modular Interchangeable Supercharger Pulley Unit Design, for not only the Ford 99-Current Lightning, 02-Current Harley Davidson, 03-Current Cobra, but also the Pontiac GTP & Buick GS with the GM L67 Series II Engine vehicle applications.

DO NOT be taken in by a company that is making a Modified Version of, or an look-a-like Imitation Copy of the ORIGINAL DUB that South Florida Pulley HQ Invented & Manufactured for these vehicles. You will probably see some Cheap Advertised Prices for these copies, but they will never be as close to the Original Quality or Workmanship as the already Proven & Tested on our Dial_Ur_Boost Supercharger Pulley Unit for the past 17 years it has been on the market.

Also remember our DUB Unit has a "Lifetime Warranty" to the Original Buyer, on the car it was originally installed on. How many companies warrant any product with a warranty like that!!!! Answer....NONE!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading about our latest information and passing it along to our consumers for an Informative Buyer's Beware posting of this latest news, that could cost you more in the long run for buying one of these Copies or Imitations!

APPLICATIONS: - 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
- 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
- 1997-2004 Buick Regal GS
- 2004 Monte Carlo SS Supercharged
- 2004 Impala SS Supercharged
  3.40" DUB System $149.95 Includes
Free Shipping!

  3.20" DUB System $149.95 Includes
Free Shipping!

  3.00" DUB System $149.95 Includes
Free Shipping!

  2.80" DUB System $149.95 Includes
Free Shipping!

  2.60 DUB System (Requires Snout Machining) $149.95 Includes
Free Shipping!

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